NOPEC Brand Campaign: Growing memberships and doubling awareness in just two years

The Challenge:
The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) works with local governments to lower utility costs for local homes and small businesses through aggregation programs across 13 counties. Despite 12 years of success, the non-profit had almost no awareness among their 750,000 gas and electric members. Because folks are automatically enrolled, most didn’t even know they were members or the benefits they were getting.

The Solution:
We conducted primary and secondary research to benchmark consumer awareness, then repeated it two years later to see how far we’d moved the needle. We used those insights to create a brand strategy that answered consumers’ biggest hot button: energy savings.

In year one, we introduced NOPEC as simply as possible: with a coin return on everyday appliances that gave consumers money back every time they used them. In year two, we packaged NOPEC’s helpful expertise into a spokesman called Mr. NOPEC to educate folks and personalize the savings message.

In just two years, the campaign boosted unaided awareness among NOPEC customers by 50%. It also helped expand their footprint by 30 communities in three counties while maintaining their existing market share.

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