Measuring Results

Measuring Results: Measurement is critical to our process (and your next bonus).

Using internal resources as well as outside partnerships, we offer a wide range of quantitative and qualitative tools to ensure your marketing dollars are spent most efficiently.

Awareness & Preference Surveys

Using phone interviews, we conduct annual studies to gauge audience perception of our clients and their services.

Online Analytics

We track your online efforts with a wide variety of tools to measure click-through rates and gather quantitative consumer data.

Focus Groups

Knox partners with research specialists to test your messaging, competitors, creative and more. We can test your campaign before it airs to uncover objections and/or after it airs to gain qualitative insights into your message and market.

Split Run Print and Direct Mail

We use dual message tracking to gauge effectiveness in real time, testing different print or direct mail messages simultaneously. We track each ad or mailer via a unique phone number or URL, allowing us to make immediate changes to boost response rates.

Multivariate Online and Landing Page Testing

We’ll test different layouts and messaging (each with a unique URL) to see which version produces better results.

Downstream Revenue Measurement

Knox monitors unique URLs and dedicated telephone numbers and forms to track response effectiveness.

Qualitative Testing

We often use primary research like phone interviews, mail questionnaires and mall intercepts to gain a clearer picture of your market.

Social Media Tracking

We establish baselines based on your fans, likes and engagement levels. We also track metrics once a month to gauge growth and make improvements. Metrics also tell us what content is most successful.

Social Media Monitoring

Knox monitors social channels for comments, questions, shares and more, providing monthly reports on those interactions. We can also evaluate your followers and fans to uncover opportunities to connect and build your follower base.

Event Attendance

Does your company hold regular seminars or events? We can track the effectiveness of your event messaging by tracking attendance over time. We track not only raw attendance numbers but the demographics of attendees as well, helping us maximize your future outreach efforts.