Research: Arm yourself with robust data.

Knox employs a wide range of research tools to gain market insight, create strategic plans, encourage internal buy-in, test creative, assure legalities and measure results.

Our research tool kit includes market research reports, competitor profiles, demographic and psychographic profiles, focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys, industry and consumer ad spending data, target audience media profiles and trademark screening and registration.

Learn more than ever about your prospects.

We dive into demographic and psychographic databases for insight into your consumer. We blend that data with your own research (when available) to create a benchmark and inform our strategic planning.

We dig even deeper with NeuroMarketing.

Think you know what your customer thinks? NeuroMarketing testing reveals how well your marketing connects with consumers intellectually and emotionally. Using the tools of neuroscience (EEG, pulse, eye tracking and more), NeuroMarketing testing gives us unprecedented insight into your marketing materials and a perfect roadmap for creative that drives results.