Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning and Buying: Smarter plans for better results.

When budgets are tight, why pay extra for a media buying service? At Knox, all our media planning and buying is done in-house. Our media team goes beyond the numbers to find innovative solutions that maximize your market impact.

It’s all about performance optimization and smarter spending decisions. We dig deeper to find the game-changing idea and deliver personalized, immediate, detail-driven service that mega buying services just can’t provide.

Our phased approach lets nothing slip through the cracks.

Phase 1: Discover
We learn everything we can about your audience: how they consume media; what motivates them to choose and act; and if there's a particular creative message that will resonate with them. This phase also includes competitive research.

Phase 2: Strategize
We work with you to prioritize objectives based on market conditions, then collaborate with our account and creative teams to define deliverables and develop a strategy to drive results.

Phase 3: Design
We design your media plan taking into account everything we've discovered. This is also when we determine performance metrics. We can help identify trackable products and services that are capable of boosting ROI. We work closely with your team to develop and test interactive and traditional efforts and create tracking methods such as unique URLs and 800 numbers. It allows us to test the strength of our media and creative and refine your campaign as needed.

Phase 4: Deliver
When we buy, we negotiate for added value. We also closely monitor your media plan. If needed, we'll go back to Phase I and recommend adjustments.

Phase 5: Analyze and Evolve
We analyze the overall performance of your plan and determine (where possible) the ROI on each media channel. We perform a post analysis on each channel to ensure your media ran as scheduled. We then conduct a thorough media review and apply our learnings to your next campaign.