Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy: Your brand already lives in your customer’s head.

But you may not like what they're thinking. Our experts can help align your brand with your customers' expectations. We start that process with a deep dive into internal and external research.

Our brand process goes beyond simple SWOT analysis.

We've branded (and rebranded) dozens of companies through a rigorous process that typically includes a strategic brand audit, competitor analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, customer analysis and segmentation, and a target prospect matrix.

With that research in hand, we develop your value proposition, brand positioning statement, brand metrics, corporate identity, creative strategy and a detailed communications plan.

Your products are your brand.

Consumers can always detect inconsistencies in their brand experience. That's why we closely align your internal and product marketing with your brand position. We've even sold brand through product, communicating an organization's brand solely through its products and services.

Get everyone on the same page.

Your marketing staff and internal brand ambassadors must understand your brand identity in order to communicate with your customers in a single, clear brand voice. That's why Knox gives you a solid brand platform to ensure consistency in all your communications.

Brand promise. A brand isn't just a name, a logo or a tagline. Strong brands make a promise to customers that they’ll have a specific experience at every touch point.

Brand positioning. Knox helps you define the position you occupy in consumers' minds in relation to your competitors.

Brand look and feel. We ensure that your typefaces, color palette, photos and other visual elements evoke the right emotion in your consumer.

Brand personality. Imagine how your company would look and sound if it were a person. Want consumers to have a personal relationship with your brand? Give them a personality they can trust.